Although pressure washing your roof can certainly give it that just installed appearance, it can also give it tiny fractures. Over time, these fractures can begin splitting your shingles apart.

Residential and Commercial Properties

| Professional Cleaning For All Exterior Areas. |

The unique soft wash system for your roof is excellent at giving property a fresh clean look without using harsh pressure. Our exterior cleaning service is a power washing process but uses specialty tips which generate a larger volume of water instead of high pressure.

Peak Performance provides superior cleaning results at a fair price and believes that all customers deserve the best. There is always someone that can do things cheaper but with a service cheaper isn't usually better and can be worth thousands in regrets. Getting it done right should be a priority and with a company that has a good track record of putting the homeowners first.

Peak Performance Roof & Exterior Cleaning Services

Exterior Property Areas

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  • House 
  • Deck 
  • Patio 
  • Fence 
  • Driveway 
  • Steps
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  • Sidewalks 
  • Gutters
  • Brightened Gutter
  • Debris Removed 
  • Rust Removal 
  • Oil & Grease Stain Treatment

Roof Cleaning

Residential Homes
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  • Shingle
  • Barrel Tile
  • Metal

Commercial Properties

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From roofs of commercial buildings and structures to storefront awnings and other grease or stained surfaces, we can help make your commercial property shine like new.
Al is very professional and did an excellent job of cleaning our house, walkways, and driveway! We will definitely hire him in the future.
— Jackie S. Google Review